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No Motive

The Commonwealth claimed Michael’s motive for beating the victim was he needed money to purchase drugs. Yet sitting in plain sight:

1. Thousands of dollars worth of jewelry) on top of the victim's dresser
2. $522.00 in the top drawer of her dresser
3. $20.00+ in her pocketbook

Yet absolutely NOTHING was stolen or reported missing. In addition Michael had, in his apartment, $250.00 in cash the police admitted was his money. He also had a check from his church for $72.00.

Because the robbery motive was looking weak the police used another motive to try and prove Michael was the perpetrator of this crime. The police stated that because the victim snubbed Michael he had motive to harm her. A couple of weeks before the crime Michael said hi to the victim. In passing the victim said hi and kept on walking. Because she didn’t stop and talk with Michael the police said Michael felt snubbed and had motive to harm her.  However, another person, very closely connected to the victim, had a much stronger motive for committing this crime yet the police quickly eliminated him as a suspect.

Michael had no history of violence or abuse towards women. Multiple women stated in their police interviews that Michael was very kind and considerate to women and not capable of committing a crime like this.

Bottom line: The police had no motive for Michael O’Laughlin committing this crime.

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