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Investigative Journal
I have started this journal in hopes of investigating the person(s) responsible for the brutal assault of Anne Marie (AM) Kotowski on November 17, 2000; a crime in which Michael O’Laughlin (MO) was falsely accused and wrongfully convicted. This journal is based on factual information gathered from discovery and trial transcripts, as well as opinions (noted as appropriate) I have formed based on five years experience working this case. There are currently three sections associated with this journal (more may follow as this journal takes on a life of its own). The three sections to date include:

Section I: Reasonable Doubt - what the jury missed

After nine days of trial the jury in MO’s case returned a guilty verdict in under three hours. This was a circumstantial case in which no direct/physical evidence was presented linking MO to the crime.

Following are elements I believe the jury overlooked when rendering their guilty verdict. Had they factored these elements into their deliberation it is my opinion the jury would have returned a not guilty verdict based on reasonable doubt, if not highly doubtful.

Section II: The Other Suspect – a person with greater motive

In its decision of July 8, 2005 the Mass. Appellate Court stated "We have considered the third-party culprit evidence presented at trial, and we conclude that the introduction of substantial third-party culprit evidence detracted from the Commonwealth's case, and that the evidence at trial was insufficient to support a guilty verdict."

Who was this person the Appellate Court was referring to as the third-party culprit? That person, who for a short time was considered a suspect, was the victim’s husband. Do the motive, opportunity, means, and conscious of guilt fit DK better then MO?

Section III: Further Points to Investigate – unanswered questions

Following are further points to be investigated in order to show MO wasn’t the guilty party in the brutal assault on AM, and to provide evidence on whom the guilty party is:

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